Yin Yoga Workshop

Yin yoga is a therapeutic and quit practice to create more space on a physical, energetic and emotional level. We find its origins in Taoism. It is a contemplative practice based on acupressure, with slower floor postures held for longer periods of time. The practice offers deep access to areas of the body that are rich in connective tissues, allowing flexibility and relaxation.

Fascia is the name for connective tissue and fascia is found everywhere in our body, surrounding our muscles, organs, cells and nerve fibers. Within connective tissues, emotions are stored. The essential part of healing is to address them appropriately. When nourished consciously, Yin yoga invites surrender, full acceptance and healing into your life. We stimulate movement through main Meridians where stagnant and deficient QI (energy) gets unblocked, so Qi can move freely again through the body. Stimulating organ health, a regular practice helps to release overall tension and dedicates wellness time to ourselves during the day. Complementary to mindfulness meditation, we move into stillness, breathe and learn how to deal with different sensations that rise and fall.

Here we embrace the season, recharging our energy levels. Focussing on these elements; wood and fire, connected to the Pericardium, which again reveals a NEW workshop orientation.

In theory and practice:
• Meridians and organ health
• Triple burner in QI energy work
• With Fascia Release Techniques
• Meditation in motion, dive Yin deep

Program schedule:
10h00 Arriving and welcome
10h15-10h45 Theory, Q&A
10h45-12h30 Practice
12h30 End Inquiry

We provide the chance to easily adapt a good Yin yoga practice at home by your attendance. Participation is beneficial and possible for everyone. The workshop is mainly guided in English by Francisca.

Workshop PDF will be offered after attendance. Gather a laptop or iPad, blanket, big beach towel, pillow, tennis ball and maybe a notebook.

New dates coming soon

Please reserve your place online. After your application has been processed, we will send you an email indicating the availability for the workshop.

15€ for regular Budadharma yoga participants

Francisca Schouten has been practicing Yoga since 2004 and began teaching in 2014 in the Netherlands, having trained 200 RYT with several teacher trainings in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2015 she began to teach at Budadharma.