Yin Yoga Workshop

Yin yoga prepares the body to sit for meditation. We reach deeper layers of fascia and connective tissues. Allowing life energy, QI, to flow free again. The combination with a quality of awareness through mindfulness makes this practice even more interesting. 

Here we embody the cold seasons. Focussing on 3 elements, which will offer a refreshing orientation for our workshops:

Element Earth
Spleen and stomach. Emotional and mental qualities;  Clear thinking and being grounded. Balances dullness, lethargy, craving sweets and digestive issues. 

Element Metal
Lungs and Large intestine. Emotional and mental qualities; courage, endurance, clarity. Balances grief, respiratory functions, coughing, bronchitis, rashes, allergies, rheumatic pain.

Element Water
Kidneys and bladder. Emotional and mental qualities;  wisdom, openness, trust, self-confidence, healthy ambitions. Balances fear, dealing with stress, immune system, fatigue, libido, water retention, difficulties with balance and with hearing. 

We offer the chance to easily adapt a good Yin yoga practice at home, after your attendance. Participation is possible for everyone; beginners, practitioners and teachers.  

Program subjects:
• Sharing and caring
• Meridians and organ health
• Meditation in motion, dive deep
• A workshop PDF will be offered 

Limited places available. The practice is mainly guided in English.
Included: Mats, blankets, zafus, blocks and tennis balls. Short break with yogi tea and small snacks provided. Please bring a small towel. Optional; a notebook.

Please reserve your place online. After your application has been processed, we will send you an email indicating the availability for the workshop.

25€ for regular Budadharma participants

Francisca Schouten has been practicing Yoga since 2004 and began teaching in 2014 in the Netherlands, having trained 200 RYT with several teacher trainings in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2015 she began to teach at Budadharma.