BudaDharma project was born in 2008, with the vision to contribute to the growing realization of three principles.

BUDDHA – Any human being has the potential to live with increasing calm, sensitivity and discernment. It is called the unfolding of this potential awakening.
DHARMA – There is an immediate, intelligible, experienceable path here and now that facilitates this awakening. This path was followed and taught by the Buddha and remains accessible today due to the practice of many others.
SANGHA – There is a long lineage of human beings willing to awake and to keep the Dharma of the Buddha alive. From their relationships, a Sangha (spiritual community) was born.

BudaDharma activities aspire to promote the understanding of who we are, to create a community in which principles of kindness, compassion and joy result in global peace, environmental sustainability and harmony among all beings, with the belief that both meditation and yoga are indispensable resources in the development of human flourishing.